The Kill Team (2013)

250) The Kill Team (2013)

A documentary that unveils the moral tensions that tear at soldiers’ psyches through the lens of one highly personal story: Private Adam Winfield was a 21-year-old soldier in Afghanistan when he attempted with the help of his father to alert the military to heinous war crimes his platoon was committing. But Winfield’s pleas went unheeded. Left on his own and with threats to his life, Private Winfield was himself drawn into the moral abyss, forced to make a split-second decision that would change his life forever.

9/10 – Absolutely shocking. Much like the other documentaries I have watched before this, it’s approach is fairly singular and one-sided, but it does not detract from the seriously abhorrent nature of what is uncovered. There are serious questions raised about War in this, some horrible truths uncovered, and the underlying theme and resulting effect is depressing and real.

I was lost for words during it, and when it ended. I still find it hard to fully comprehend the events that transpired and the repercussions afterwards.

Essential viewing.

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