The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

249) The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

A year after their father’s funeral, three brothers travel across India by train in an attempt to bond with each other.

6/10 – A typical Wes Anderson outing here, although nowhere near on the same level as his other efforts. When you stack it up against The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore and The Grand Budapest Hotel it does not even come close. What we get in this film is more of the witty dialogue, plenty of panicked rushing from scene to scene, and although it’s appearance was arguably one of his best to date, it was not enough to save it as the storyline felt as if it simply didn’t go anywhere. Aside from that, there was plenty to like in the three leads, providing excellent chemistry between the Anderson selection, which again, was to be expected.

Overall it was underwhelming, not his best, but for its appearance alone it is worth a watch.

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