No nonsense, unqualified, uneducated and spoiler free film reviews.

This was my attempt at trying to watch 365 films in 365 days in 2014, with the only rule being that I had not seen the film before.

I have given up on the challenge now, and will not be pursuing one in 2015, but I will continue to track the films I watch here.

My main aim is to provide non-pretentious, easy to follow reviews of films I haven’t seen before. I will just call it how I see it. I do not for one second believe that my reviews are the most concise or the best, but I do find most reviews nowadays give away two thirds of the plot, in about two thirds of their reviews. It’s tiring to search out a film only to have everything given away prior to seeing it. Same goes for trailers. I try and leave a lot of the discovery within the film up to the viewers/readers, as it should be.

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    • Thanks. I try and achieve 2 things in the reviews;

      1) Do not spoil the plot. Half, if not most of the enjoyment in watching a film is not knowing what will happen, trying to guess what will happen, and letting the film unravel in front of your eyes. Describing the plot in intimate detail as part of your ‘review’ is not a review, that is a synopsis.

      2) Speak enough about the film to encourage people to watch it and form their own opinion, irrespective of whether I liked it or not. It is very easy to destroy a movie, but it is difficult to praise one without just regurgitating the same sentence over and over again.

      Hopefully this comes across, and so far the feedback has been positive. Thanks for the comment.


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    • Cheers Vinnie. I received two of these in recent weeks, and will probably look to answer all of them in one go.

      What is it exactly? Seems a lot like a chain mail thing, but one that actually stands to benefit people from sharing it.

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  2. Hello— I think I will challenge myself to watch one film per week from your “already reviewed” list of films. I really enjoy mystery and drama and I have a little girl so we’ll be checking out any children’s movies you’ve reviewed also. I’m horrible at choosing movies. My family members say I’m the queen of choosing “B” rated movies. Thanks for doing what you do.


    • Hi, well you’ve come to the right place! Perhaps go to the ratings page so you don’t accidentally end up watching some of the dross I’ve had to endure!

      Let me know if there’s any you watch and enjoy. Off the top of my head, if you want a good mystery film, I’d recommend either Prisoners, Seven, Hidden (Cache), Memento or The Departed for starters.

      I’m your choices aren’t that bad, and there’s nothing wrong with a B-Movie!


      • Thank you so much! I will definitely check out the ratings before watching. I think I’ll go for Prisoners first. (I may get two more in this week- since you’ve given me suggestions… half the battle for me is the “what to watch” issue.



  4. Hi, I was wondering if you had written your post about receiving the Liebster post yet as have been getting notifications up to two weeks later on Twitter, and didnt want you to think Ihad forgotten you when I wrote my posts rabout it recently. Can you send me a link to the post. Here’s my post if you need it. https://weegiemidget.word press.com/2016/02/22/liebster-awards/. If you went off the ideaof it after knowing what you need to do as a nominated person, can you tell me and I can pass on the award.




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