Fantasia Festival: Confidential Assignment [2017]

Been a while, hasn’t it? Decided to get back into reviewing a few movies to help out my buddy over at Moviehooker. Check out the first review below;

Fantasia Festival: Confidential Assignment [2017]

The mismatched comedic interaction between the straight-man and the buffoon is a tried and tested formula, you could say that buddy cop films have been done to death, and yet, they continue to win audiences over.

We lap them up, and whether it’s revisiting classics like Red Heat or embracing new films like The Nice Guys, it’s this familiarity and assuredness of the genre that makes them so addictive. Kim Sung-hoon’s “Confidential Assignment” doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but manages to play to the strengths of the genre, while dabbling in other areas, to create an entertaining piece of cinema.

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