Ride Along (2014) [Review]


This is one of those movies that you don’t quite know why you watch it, why you put yourself through it, or even why you find yourself laughing at it in places, because overall you know it is fundamentally bad in so many ways. Cliched story-line, over the top acting and nothing new brought to the table in any sense of the word, yet when you are nursing a hangover or having a lazy day in front of the TV, Ride Along fills that empty void to near perfection.

Kevin Hart is a potential cop in training who goes on a Ride Along with Ice Cube, a hard-nosed Senior Officer who doesn’t like Hart dating his sister. As a result, he does everything in his power to put him off joining the police, with the added stipulation that if he cant tough it out with him, then he will leave his sister alone. Naturally one thing leads to another “hilarious” and awkward predicament, in this standard paint-by-numbers straight-guy/funny guy combination, where Hart tends to just shout and jump about a lot, and Ice Cube snarls at him some more.

It’s no surprise to me that a second one of these got made; it’s easy going, simple and mindless. Sometimes you just look for that in a movie, even if it is pretty poor in retrospect. While it offers nothing fresh, makes absolutely no sense, and the jokes are incredibly hit and miss, if you’re in that frame of mind when you need something that you don’t need to pay attention to, then this is for you. I’m saving Ride Along 2 for the next hangover day.

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    • It’s this kind of dross that prevents me from watching decent films, but sometimes I really cannot be bothered with obscure Romanian revenge dramas, and I want to see two dudes argue in different tones for 90 minutes.

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