Mexico Barbaro (2015) [Review]


With Halloween approaching shortly, I was invited by to assist with their review of the new Horror Anthology release, “Mexico Barbaro”. A showcase for first-time directors and those well versed in the art of horror, to display their take on classic Mexican folklore and legends.

The review of my favourite short story is below, while you can read the other 7 over here at along with each of the incredible artworks, follow him @Moviehooker and check out the Anthology coming to VOD November 3rd!


“Lo Que Importa Es Lo De Adentro” (It’s The Inside What Matters)

Lex Ortega’s short story was up next, and this brought a shift in tone that was absolutely needed. Addressing the worldwide fictional childhood nightmare of ‘The Bogeyman’, it centres on a little girl called Laura who stares out of her window every day, repeating the words, “Bogeyman, Bogeyman, Bogeyman”, much to the annoyance of her mother.

Taking place in the city, it is set against a grim, unforgiving grey backdrop of concrete; it is the perfect place to introduce Ortegas take on this infamous figure. The bloody and uncomfortable outcomes keep in tune with the traditional tales of what will happen if the Bogeyman ‘gets’ you, but who the Bogeyman is, why he does it, how often and what he actually wants are aspects perhaps not made that obvious at first. Solid performances all round, convincing gore and a chilling, albeit believable story. By the end, the pieces come together, and this tale stands out as one of the more accomplished stories of the anthology.

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