Land Ho! (2014) [Review]


I love a good road trip comedy. It’s a formula that works, it’s relatable and with the situation constantly changing it paves the way for all types of unexpected goings-on. Whether it’s a family styled road trip like Little Miss Sunshine, a subtle comedic affair similar to The Trip, or wacky buddy comedies like Due Date or Dumb and Dumber; there’s nearly always fun to be had along the way.

Land Ho! is no different in this regard, as two former brothers-in-law made up of the brash Australian Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson) and the always slightly embarrassed Colin (Paul Eenhorn) take a last-minute vacation to Iceland. It’s a much-needed break for both of them, as many would see out their sadness in the isolating discomfort of their own home, they ‘buddy’ up and take on a trip neither of them know what will bring.


Rarely does a film leave with you a smile on your face for the entire duration. It is simply charming to watch, as Mitch bowls his way through life with money and a crass sense of humour, the dejected Colin seems apprehensive to become fully immersed in this liberating treat of a trip. The natural rapport both Nelson and Eenhorn have created within their petty bickering and mild disagreements over interpretation of art, the attractiveness of a woman, their age or whether or not they should go off hiking into the darkness with just a glowstick, is something very difficult to just ‘make’ happen. The chemistry, presumably part-improvised, elevates their back-and-forth to something much more meaningful, and adds volumes to their characters and the history of their relationship.


Set in Iceland, as expected the scenery is extraordinary. They cruise about in their gigantic 4×4, taking in all the sights, their genuine bemusement and excitement translates beyond the screen to the viewers. What really resonates is just how natural this film is. It isn’t trying to fit into the regular tropes of any type of comedy, it just exists as a snapshot of these two individuals lives as they undertake a holiday. They venture off exploring, talking and having meals, and its nothing more than that.

No absurd shenanigans here, and it doesn’t need them. It follows the subtle styling of The Trip without, only much more accessible. It’s a nice, simple, fun and enjoyable film, suitable for an extremely wide audience.

Land Ho! is available on Google Play, Amazon Prime and other VOD platforms.

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