My Stuff (2013) [Review]


Original Title: Tavarataivas

Petri Luukkainen conducts an experiment with his own life. He packs all his things and puts them in storage. At first naked in an empty apartment, he only allows himself to retrieve one item per day.

Not too much to say on this one, other than it is an interesting concept that we can all take a little bit from. Petri carries out this experiment to establish how much ‘stuff’ he actually needs, how much is required to live and how much of it is just there for the sake of it. It’s much less a documentary, more a film starring himself. It’s helped along by the fact that Petri just such a likeable character. He laughs in the face of his own challenge, the way he interacts with his family is fun to watch. He spends the remainder of the time wondering why he is even bothering to do it and how in some roundabout way it does raise certain questions about his life choices, and highlights what is actually missing.

After watching the documentary, you look at your ‘stuff’ a little bit differently. Do I need that? Why do I even have that? Not only that, but you start to question future purchases. Are they necessary? Where will it go? As he said in an interview;

“All I want to do is get people to think about what they have and what they need, because it’s not something I thought about at all before I did this film.”

Well Petri, it did its job. I now second guess everything I buy and want to throw out almost everything I own.

2 responses to “My Stuff (2013) [Review]

    • You’d be surprised what he starts out with. He is completely naked to begin with, and I couldn’t quite work out but I think his mates fed him for the first few weeks. I saw it advertised at a Nordic Film Festival in London, looked quite interesting. I believe it’s available online in some countries for VOD, but is occasionally being screened in London.


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