The One I Love (2014) [Review]

Struggling with a marriage on the brink of falling apart, a couple escapes for a weekend in pursuit of their better selves, only to discover an unusual dilemma that awaits them.

7/10 – A bloody weird film. Only 3 people in the entire film, with a storyline that cannot really be explained before the movie without spoiling the entire thing, and contains an ending that leaves what actually happened largely up for debate. I have my theory on it, and if you have seen it, I would love to hear yours.

What I will advise is that if you are tired of the standard ‘romcom’ genre, like something a little more strange, then this is for you. Quietly funny, infuriatingly claustrophobic and oddly spooky, it’s a film that goes places not many, if any, romcoms have gone before. Cleverly shot, and well acted, Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass show great chemistry on screen, and with these two taking up the vast majority of the movie, it’s a good thing too.

Available on iTunes to rent now, and on DVD in the US.

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