Virunga (2014)

269) Virunga (2014)

A group of brave individuals risk their lives to save the last of the world’s mountain gorillas; in the midst of renewed civil war and a scramble for Congo’s natural resources.

10/10 – A fantastic Netflix Original documentary here, outlining and following the re-emergence of a civil war in Congo. Based out of the Virunga National Park, an area so rich with natural resources, that it is under increased threat on a daily basis. We are taken on a journey similar to that of a war movie, or crime thriller. The calm before the storm as it were, is quite simply showing key members in the National Park going about their days and explaining why they do it.

What comes next is shocking and real, and to go into any more detail would kill any form of suspense, shock, or disbelief you may have when watching. It is infuriating to watch, a documentary that by the end of it you will be asking yourself how you can help. Well compiled, intelligent and great a demonstration of investigative journalism – it is a genuinely brilliant piece of film making. One of the most important documentaries produced in recent time, and highly recommended. 

Note: Reviews will be shorter until the backlog of reviews are cleared up.

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