The War Around Us (2014)

212) The War Around Us (2014)

In November 2008, veteran reporter Ayman Mohyeldin and rookie Sherine Tadros were the only western journalists in Gaza City during the 22-day war between Israel and Palestinian militants. Their reports and recollections are the most direct chronicle of the war’s horrific impact on the city’s civilian population.

8/10 – The trailer for this is fairly misleading in it’s intentions, it portrays the film as being entirely about the two reporters Ayman Mohyeldin and Sherine Tadros, and while it does do that, it also focuses significantly on the Western Media in general and their portrayal of Palestine against the Israeli led attacks. The documentary is quite harrowing, spliced together with extremely graphic images of the victims of the air strikes and interviews of the victims – men women and children are all absolutely devastated by these attacks both physically and emotionally. 

As it presents the chronological order of the attacks, goes to some attempt to explain the non-reasons as to why they were happening, and follows ‘behind the scenes’ of the veteran reporter Ayman, and Sherine, the reporter who thought she would be there for a day, what becomes most apparent is the lack of support from the Western media. As he suggests in the film, “Where was the outrage?”. As the story unfolds, the media not only reports incorrectly on the War, but then has the audacity to question the authenticity of the reports from these two reporters when it was being presented to them in shocking detail. 

It is a very one sided story, but then so was the war. It is an enlightening documentary showcasing how the media expertly deflected attention away from this war, reported it inaccurately and how two reporters put their own personal safety aside to report what was happening to hundreds of people, to millions of people for the sake of truth and humanity.

Essential viewing.

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