Killers (2014)

198) Killers (2014)

A psychopathic Japanese executive accidentally triggers a journalist’s ‘dark side’. They begin to connect over the Internet and make a complicated bond.

9/10 – From the producers who brought you The Raid, comes this intense and disturbing serial killer thriller. It’s a far cry away from the usual Serial Killer / Slasher films, and the torture scenes are not in the same vein as Saw or Hostel. Instead it opts for more of a psychological slant, allowing us to truly experience these horrible sequence of events as part of a uniquely told story-line rather than relying on just events themselves. It’s similar to I Saw The Devil, The Raidand A Bittersweet Life in it’s appearance and execution, only there is no good guy, no guy to root for. It just is as the title suggests, Killers.

Visually, much like The Raid, the film is excellent. The performances are all immensely convincing, and it all flows so naturally that the horrific events within the film itself blend effortlessly into the characters and the story. It’s the complete package. I’d struggle to think of another serial killer film where the film shows such nonchalance and yet remains so disturbing. The violence is secondary to the individual performances, and it makes it all the more chilling.

I have a few minor gripes with it – the ending got a bit out of hand, but I won’t say anymore. If you are into this genre, enjoyed The Raid, or simply want a film that is going to leave a mark on you, then this is for you. 

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