Takers (2010)

174) Takers (2010)

A group of bank robbers find their multi-million dollar plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective.

3/10 – When browsing for films I saw Idris Elba, and thought that this might be worth a punt. If I had read further, I would have seen Chris Brown and T.I and I would have stopped there. This smarmy shoot-em-up / heist movie took too long to get to the point and ended with what was quite an anti-climatic final scene. Stephen King included that particular scene in his “Top 10 Action Sequences” back in 2010, and I’m really not sure why. Cap it off with the clichéd cops, in particular Matt Dillon who has that punchable face quality I associate with Ray Liotta, who’s good cop, bad cop, violent cop routine got very tired, very quickly.

Herein lies the problem with this film; it’s a good premise, but it’s nothing new, and without a great cast to elevate it, it becomes almost unwatchable at times. There is enough to keep you entertained in the action sequences, but that’s all they have.

On Netflix, but would not recommend.

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