Religulous (2008)

173) Religulous (2008)

Bill Maher’s take on the current state of world religion.

5/10 – One of those documentaries where someone has already made up their mind, and doesn’t look to change it regardless of who they speak to. They select the people to interview for humourous rather than enlightening purposes, and in this instance, go as far as adding in visual text to undermine the interviewees point. Bill doesn’t seem to want to address the wider problems with religion, because the jokes are easier when you keep them confined to targets on an individual level rather than a global level. It’s very easy to point and laugh at a truckers church than to get into a heated debate with someone who might actually be able to enlighten him.

However, taking all of the above into account, and you agree with Bill Maher, then this is still quite funny. If you can look past the smugness when he ‘debates’ Evolution vs Creation, attends the Jesus Theme Park, and the idea of the unknown vs what is firmly believed to be ‘fact’, then it has it’s moments.

Available on Netflix.

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