The Motivation (2013)

150) The Motivation (2013)

Eight of the world’s best pro-skateboarders prepare for the upcoming Street League Championship in NYC. Each equally talented, they all must overcome unique challenges – family pressures, injuries, money, fame and their own internal struggles – for a chance to win $200,000 and the title of best street-skateboarder in the world.

7/10 – Another sports documentary recommended to me by Netflix, and it did not disappoint. Showing a detailed look at the lives of the skateboarders and the training each of them endures in order to compete was definitely eye opening, especially with the likes of Ryan Sheckler who I haven’t seen skate for many years. Also, it was good to see Rob Dyrdek outside of ‘Ridiculousness’, which is just a poor mans Tosh.0 – turns out Rob is actually a really good guy, and the amount of money and effort he pours into this competition each year is admirable.

You don’t have to be a fan of Skateboarding to enjoy this, there’s enough outside of it to rope everyone in. Solid documentary and they’re making a second one too which is good news.

Available on Netflix now.

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