Lovelace (2013)

145) Lovelace (2013)

The story of Linda Lovelace, who is used and abused by the porn industry at the behest of her coercive husband, before taking control of her life.

5/10 – Another middle of the road film for me. Just seem to be picking ‘alright’ ones to watch. While this was a story that needed to be told, it seemed to lack any real emotion until right at the end of the film. For a film that was supposed to be about domestic abuse and the horrible innards of the porn industry in relation to Linda Boremans ‘career’, it did very little to explore her actual emotional hell. It just didn’t have the edge that it needed to really attack the true story, and because it just floated from scene to scene casually it almost seemed that the filmmakers were being nonchalant about the entire thing. Which is exactly the opposite effect you should feel when watching this.

Good acting, very average film.

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