L’Immortelle (1963)

139) L’Immortelle (1963)

A sad man meets a beautiful, secretive woman who may or may not be involved in some conspiracy ring dealing in kidnapped women used as prostitutes.

7/10 – This film is strange. It creates a dreamlike state, as the camera pans about slowly, and those on screen appear intermittently, together they distort the narrative to a point of near confusion. It’s not an easy watch. On a basic level, the film is about lust. Chasing after the female throughout, wanting what you want at all costs, but the acting is so deliberately and frustratingly rigid, the application required from the viewer to watch this film is significant compared to a ‘normal’ film.

The film is an interesting exploration and a welcome introduction to Alain Robbe-Grillet’s early work, a valuable piece of cinema and worth a watch if you’re into that Avant-Garde/Art-House type of film.

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