Outrage (2010)

114) Outrage (2010) “Autoreiji” (original title)

The boss of a major crime syndicate orders his lieutenant to bring a rogue gang of drug traffickers in line, a job that gets passed on to his long-suffering subordinate.

7/10 – A grizzly tale of Yakuza violence that ultimately falls short of being brilliant. As hit after hit is placed on one another, you lose track of who is out to get who. Without an emotional undertone to cross these brutalities over into crimes with meaning, the crimes become watered down in an all out war which doesn’t really seem to have an end in sight. It wasn’t a bad movie; it was stylish, well written, well acted (for the most part) and definitely captured the essence of disorder when internal wars begin in gangs – but without that meaning behind it all, it all felt a bit pointless.

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