They Came Together (2014)

98) They Came Together (2014)

They Came Together from director David Wain puts a classic spin on the romantic comedies of recent years past, with Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler as two polar opposites who grow to love each other in grand tradition

8/10 – To clarify, this is not a romcom. It is a parody of the genre, and a funny one at that. It’s weird, because it’s getting panned by a fair few reviewers and they’re likening it to the ‘Scary Movie’ style of humour. David Wain himself said that he didn’t want it to become a play by play of predictable movie spoofs, and while as Buzzfeed points out it does reference a lot of romcoms in one way shape or form, it comes across much more like a Naked Gun style of parody where it plays on an entire genre. Just enjoy it for what it is – dumb, silly and funny.

It is also worth noting that most audiences are so accustomed to nonsensical romcoms that in the initial screenings it wasn’t clear that it was a parody. David Wain said that later in the editing process they then had to add in a narrative aspect whereby it’s a story being told at the dinner table to friends. Quite how a french waiter described as “having a pole up his ass” and then literally having a pole up his ass can be taken seriously, I will never know.

Highly recommended, great cast – hits theatres and VOD on June 27th.

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