Rushmore (1998)

86) Rushmore (1998)

The king of Rushmore prep school is put on academic probation.

8/10 – This is only the second Wes Anderson film I’ve seen, but drawn in by the direction and quirkiness of Royal Tenenbaums, I had always looked forward to watching Rushmore. An enjoyable comedy, with a near perfect soundtrack, starring a young Jason Schwartzman as a odd adolescent with good intentions spurred on by his love for his school and the 1st grade teacher played by Olivia Williams. Both of which play excellently well off Bill Murray, the miserable millionaire, who acts out each scene with a certain dreariness and nonchalance that makes his character, for me, the highlight of the film. Overall, it captures the innocence of teenage frustrations perfectly, a combination of bleakness and excitability, much like school life.

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