3 Backyards (2010)

75) 3 Backyards (2010)

The story of three people from the same suburban town during the course of one curious autumn day.

5/10 – It was slightly underwhelming. I expected a lot more as there was considerable hype around this when it was first released. With an eerie score and near perfect cinematography, it was the story-line itself that let the film down. It’s often the case with these intertwining story-line films, as it is hard to draw a concrete resolution with so much going on. It’s either to simple or to complicated. With this film at 80 minutes or so, it went for the simple approach which meant it omitted a level of detail required to make sense of it all. A more in depth exploration of the route cause of the inner angst that each character possessed, rather than being thrown right into it, would have made the film more relatable.

Instead, we are left wondering. Which in some cases is good. It’s important not to be spoonfed every single film you watch, but with little character development to draw me in, I found my mind wandering.

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