The Son of No-One (2011)

71) The Son of No One (2011)

A young cop is assigned to a precinct in the working class neighborhood where he grew up, and an old secret threatens to destroy his life and his family.

3/10 – I don’t think they even knew where they were going with this movie. The plot was about as thin as Channing Tatums mustache, which just looked ridiculous. As was the film. Just chopping and changing between the past where Tatum was a small lad in a bad place, to the present where he’s a big lad being shouted at by Katie Holmes and Ray Liotta, all the time. Poor guy.

It’s hard to feel anything else for this movie because while the acting wasn’t that bad, none of the characters were even bought into the story. At least 3 of them repeatedly said, “I don’t care” when referring to this ‘secret’. But if nobody cares, then why should we? It was all over the place, over edited and trying overly hard to be as good as The Departed.

Not even close.

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