White House Down (2013)

56) White House Down (2013)

While on a tour of the White House with his young daughter, a Capitol policeman springs into action to save his child and protect the president from a heavily armed group of paramilitary invaders.

6/10 – From the director who brought you that film where the country freezes over and not a lot else happens, and that film that’s sort of similar but has John Cusack running, driving and flying about as the Earth conveniently crumbles 2 feet away from him at all times. Roland Emmerich goes back to his roots with the White House under attack, only this time it’s not aliens.

This has to be as ridiculous as any of the previous 3 films I’ve just mentioned. Trying to essentially be Die Hard but at the White House, it throws every single clichéd action movie plot and twist at us. We have hackers, traitors, patriotism, guns, explosions, more guns, fights, guns, grenades, more fights, nukes, hostages, car chases… for 2 whole exciting hours!

If you want your action movies serious, then this isn’t for you. Watch it. Enjoy it. Laugh at it. It’s ludicrous.

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